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How is the LeadTech Global Executive MBA different from other Executive MBA programs?

The LeadTech Global Executive MBA uses traditional EMBAs as a starting point, integrating innovative approaches and pioneering methodologies along the way. You can find some of the most powerful innovations listed here:

  • Participants benefit from the combined forces of two leading, internationally ranked and accredited schools and their world-class alumni networks.
  • The program combines modules in 4 business hubs around the world. The residential modules provide deep immersion in Paris and Barcelona, two cities that are spearheading the startup revolution in Europe. With the International Study Trips to Singapore and Silicon Valley, our Executive MBAs will gain a unique insight into these global hotspots of leadership, innovation, and technology. Together, these cities represent powerhouses of the leading 3 economic zones, as well as gateways to Latin America (via Spain) and Africa (via France).
  • This emphasis on immersive learning, and direct interaction with startups and multinationals, leading international faculty and subject-matter experts is a source of added value to participants and partners alike.

How will I know if this is the right program for me?

Deciding to pursue an Executive MBA is an important life-choice. We cannot encourage you enough to do your due diligence.

What are the business vision and the culture of the school(s)? What is the mindset in the classroom and in the community? How will you balance the workload with your personal and professional lives?

Assess the learning outcomes, meet with our school representatives, and most importantly, we invite you to get insider information: we organize (virtual) events on a regular basis where you can meet with faculty, alumni and current participants, as well as get a taste of what the LeadTech EMBA experience can be.

This is as much an exercise of practicing emotional intelligence as one of building fact-based analysis.

Will I also learn traditional MBA topics such as strategy, finance, and marketing?

Yes, the program has been designed to include both the helicopter view on business and the toolbox that every top manager needs to master.

Both schools are internationally accredited, which means that we are committed to equipping our participants with the skillset required by companies around the world. Simply put, the program’s approach is to prepare participants for the future of business.

So we’ve integrated the latest research on instructional design, learning, and neurosciences to offer a next-generation learning experience.  

How will the program help me grow professionally?

We do offer career counseling and executive coaching to help you design and achieve your career objectives.

Many of our graduates get promoted when their employers and colleagues start noticing just how much their thinking and mindset have changed.

Sometimes, a bold move is needed to take full control of your career. That’s when the reputation and extensive networks of both schools will play a major role in getting noticed in the job market and finding opportunities with forward-thinking companies.

How much does the program cost?

The LeadTech Global Executive MBA tuition fees are €42,000. Tuition fees include 600 teaching hours, all course materials and online resources, and accommodation expenses during the international study trip.

Travel and living expenses are not included.

Brainstorming during the LeadTech Global Executive MBA

Do you offer scholarships?

At École des Ponts Business School and EADA Business School, we value diversity and want to encourage real exchanges between individuals from many different backgrounds. To facilitate this, we offer the following scholarships schemes to accepted candidates:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Industry-based Scholarships for men
  • Travel Envelope for those living outside the EU

These scholarships are tuition fee reductions and are awarded to candidates who can demonstrate that they will make an outstanding contribution to the program.

Additionally, we offer Early Bird discounts to early applicants.

If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship or want to know our Early Bird requirements, feel free to contact us by email ( or book a short call.

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What about my network?

As business is increasingly global and relocating and traveling is part of executive life, we know that a globally recognized postgraduate degree is a tremendous asset in the corporate world.

By joining the LeadTech Global Executive MBA, you join a combined network of over 160,000 members strong, including CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, experts, and government officials.

Beyond the numbers, what really makes a difference is the feeling of belonging to a special group that shares similar values and the ambition to impact the business world of tomorrow.  

École des Ponts Business School Campus

Do you have more questions?

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